Our Therapeutic program provides a safe and supportive space where students can work through the obstacles that stand in the way of their success. Students prioritize Therapeutic Goals over Academic Goals, and progress is measured by the student’s ability to care for themselves and maintain their composure with the people around them.

Our Therapeutic program has been approved by the state of Vermont to enroll a maximum of 12 full-day students, ages 11-22, regardless of gender orientation or grade, and to service students with emotional-behavioral issues, learning disabilities, learning impairment, autism, and other health-related issues.

At LiHigh School, we recognize that every child possesses unique gifts and talents, and it is our mission to help students cultivate these gifts and talents by providing a wealth of opportunities for true, hands-on, real-world learning. But we also recognize that students in the Therapeutic program face real challenges to their progress and that they can benefit from a high level of supports.

To help our Therapeutic students develop strategies to cope with their challenges, we identify and address the basic human needs—as well as the unique needs—of every student, from their psychological needs, to their safety and security, to their sense of belonging, love and acceptance, as well as their self-esteem and sense of approval and recognition.

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