a school for the whole child

When we created LiHigh School in 2006, we envisioned an educational environment where each student would be met exactly where they were at — it wouldn’t matter if they were “ahead” or “behind” their peers; all that would matter would be the desire to improve.

We also envisioned a school where students would focus not only on their academic skills, but also on their ability to develop healthy relationships, understand and manage their mood, improve their self-awareness and self-esteem, develop an acceptance of difference, and increase personal responsibility.

That’s what makes us one of the few schools in Vermont that puts an equal emphasis on social/emotional development and academic development. It’s why we’re considered one of the best schools in the state for students who have been diagnosed with emotional or behavioral disorders. It’s why even the most gifted and talented students find themselves challenged by our programs.

Every person who walks in our doors is greeted with a welcoming smile, and then when they’re ready, they’re challenged to improve themselves in every way possible. We expect our students to pass some test or get into an Ivy League college. We only expect them to evolve into the best person they can be.

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