calling all foodies!

Is there anything more exciting than standing over a hot stove, swirling crisp vegetables in sizzling oil, the scent of frying garlic wafting in a cloud of steam, a boiling pot of pasta nearby needing to be stirred, a dining room filled with eager eaters, and a well-arranged plate waiting to be served?

If that sounds like your kind of classroom, our Culinary Program is right for you.

At LiHigh School, aspiring chefs (ages 11-22) develop their independence, professionalism, and skills as they prepare for a career in the culinary arts.

Every day, our commercial-grade kitchen prepares lunches for close to fifty people (students, staff, and guests), and the students in our Culinary Program take the lead in making that happen. When you participate in the program, you won’t just study cooking, you’ll do it each and every day.

how the program works

Students enter our Culinary Arts program as Prep Cooks, where they learn the basics of working in a kitchen. They develop a comprehension of the various appliances, how to keep a clean and tidy workstation, what the various knives and knife cuts are used for and how to stay safe when using them, and more.

To level up, students must demonstrate the ability to achieve tasks and follow a prep list independently. When they’re able to do that, they enter the second tier as Line Cooks, where they learn to comprehend the strategies behind various cooking techniques and master the art of seasoning.

After students demonstrate their ability to focus and sustain attention — to see something through from start to finish — they level up as a Sous Chef, where they become responsible for developing menus and creating and conforming to budgets. Our Sous Chefs also create original recipes and come up with a unique food-based product to be sold in our student-driven cafe, Localmotive. Finally, students who reach the Sous Chef level take the lead on various school-based catering projects (our end-of-year BBQ, for example).

Students who wish to receive their certification in the Culinary Arts will also complete a culinary-based internship and a culinary-based capstone project.

more than culinary

As with all of our programs, students who participate in the Culinary Arts program are not prevented from exploring other interests or taking courses outside of the program. But if you choose to join the program, you’ll have, in addition to your other classes, a focused curriculum that provides you with a set of skills that you can put to work immediately, whether by applying for a job at a nearby restaurant or by applying your newfound skills in your family’s kitchen.

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